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Rust Creek Wiki: Budget, imdb Rating, Cast, Cast Salary 2019

Rust Creek Wiki: Budget, imdb Rating, Cast, Cast Salary 2019

Sawyer is an ambitious university student with an excessive performance that has a seemingly bright future. While on her way to a job interview, a wrong turn leaves her trapped in the frozen forest. Suddenly, the young woman who has everything to live for is facing her own mortality when punished by the elements and persecuted by a band of ruthless outlaws. With no place to run, she is forced into an uneasy alliance with an enigmatic loner who has somber intentions.
Initial launch: January 4, 2019 (USA)
Director: Jen McGowan
Screenplay: Julie Lipson
Music composed by: H. Scott Salinas
Story by: Stu Pollard
Producer: Stu Pollard

IFC Midnight has acquired the American rights to the thriller “Rust Creek,” starring British actress Hermione Corfield in her first leading role.

Jen McGowan, directed from a screenplay by Julie Lipson, based on a story by Stu Pollard from Lunacy Productions, which also produced the thriller.

The stars of “Rust Creek”, Jay Paulson, Sean O’Bryan, John Marshall Jones, Micah Hauptman, Daniel R. Hill and Jeremy Glazer. IFC Midnight is planning a theatrical release in January.

Corfield, whose credits include “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” plays an ambitious, high-performing college student with a seemingly bright future. While on her way to a job interview, a wrong turn leaves her trapped deep in the frozen forests of Kentucky, where she is punished by the elements and persecuted by a gang of ruthless outlaws. Now that she has no place to run, she is forced into an uneasy alliance with Paulson’s enigmatic solitaire.

According to the mandate of Lunacy Productions to support the filmmakers, most of the key roles in the film are occupied by women, such as the director of photography, production designer, colorist and sound mixer. The production was awarded a grant to the LA women’s fund.

“We are delighted to partner with IFC Films in the launch of this very special film,” said Pollard. “The whole team, with Jen at the helm, did an incredible job in very extreme conditions. We are very excited about the audience from all over the country to see the incredible performances of our cast. ”

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The agreement for the film was negotiated by Arianna Bocco and Aijah Keith for IFC with Jay Cohen in Gersh and Elsa Ramo of Ramo Law working on behalf of Lunacy and the filmmakers.

“I’ll take you to a safe place” are the words you hear talking to Jay Paulson when you think he’s a bad guy. This sentence leaves you breathless and crossing your fingers so that he will take Hermione Corfield to a safe place and help her in the new “Rust Creek” trailer.

Corfield plays a college student, Sawyer, who gets lost on his way to a job interview. A wrong turn leaves her trapped deep in the Kentucky forest, where she finds a band of ruthless outlaws. Sawyer must defend against the hard elements until Paulson’s character, Lowell, comes to his rescue . She is forced into an uneasy alliance with Lowell, even though she has unknown intentions. It seems that he is on her side, telling her that if her cousins ​​hear her scream from her trailer they will kill her, but we will have to watch the movie to discover who she really is.

The story of “Rust Creek” was written by Stu Pollard, with the script written by Julie Lipson. The film is directed by Jen McGowan, who is best known for directing “Kelly and Cal,” which premiered at SXSW, where she won the Gamechanger Director Award.

With a release date of January 2019, this is one of the first films of the year that is directed by a woman, although 2019 is shaping up as a great year for the directors. While McGowan was not on our list of 15 filmmakers who could direct horror in response to Jason Blum’s comments, based on this breakthrough, he’s definitely showing Blum how it’s done.

Starring alongside Corfield and Paulson are Jeremy Glazer, Denise Dal Vera, Micah Hauptman, Daniel R. Hill and Jake Kidwell.

“Rust Creek” hits theaters and VOD on January 4, 2019.

Rust Creek full movie cast

Hermione Corfield

Hermione Isla Conyngham Corfield is an English actress.

Hermione Corfield
She has appeared in such movies as Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Mr. Holmes, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Born: December 19, 1993 (age 25 years), London, United Kingdom
Height: 1.73 m
TV shows: The Halcyon
Parents: Richard Corfield, Emma Willis
Siblings: Kai Corfield, Isadora Corfield

Sean O’Bryan

Sean Michael O’Bryan is an American film and television actor from Louisville, Kentucky. He attended and graduated from St. Xavier High School.

Sean O’Bryan
Born: September 10, 1963 (age 55 years), Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Spouse: Samantha Follows (m. 1995)
Education: Saint Xavier High School
Children: Rowan O’Bryan, McKayla O’Bryan
TV shows: Brother’s Keeper, Persons Unknown, Pig Sty, Abby

                                John Marshall Jones

John Marshall Jones is an American actor.
Born: July 5, 1962 (age 56 years), Detroit, Michigan, United States
Height: 1.9 m

John Marshall Jones
Spouse: Vanessa A. Williams (m. 2007)
Upcoming movie: The Curse of La Llorona
Children: John Marshall Jones Jr

american hangman trailer release date

Rust Creek is an upcoming 2019 independent thriller directed by Jen McGowan, based on an original story by Stu Pollard. The film stars Hermione Corfield in her first role as a central character in a feature film. The film is scheduled for release on4 January 2019.

Rust Creek imdb rating

 Rating: 7.5/10 – ‎30 votes.

An overachieving college student gets lost on her way to a job interview. A wrong turn leaves her stranded deep in the Kentucky forest. The woman must defend herself against the harsh

Rust Creekimdb cast

    • Alexie Gilmore. as Kelly.
    • Bryce Johnson. as Jim.
    • Laura Montagna. as Missing Woman.
    • Bucky Sinister. as Angry Man at Road.
    • Timmy Red. as Ukulele Singer.
    • Steven Streufert. as Himself.
    • Shaun White. as Herself.
  • Nita Rowley. as Herself.

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