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Natalie is an architect from New York who works hard to get noticed in her Related imagework, but is more likely to deliver coffee and rolls than to design the next skyscraper in the city.

Things go wrong in strangers when they knock her unconscious during a subway robbery and wake up magically to find herself in an alternate universe.

Always cynical about love, Natalie’s worst nightmare soon becomes a reality when she suddenly discovers that she is playing the protagonist of a real-life romantic comedy.

Initial release: February 14, 2019 (USA)
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Music composed by: Jon Brion, John Debney.
Screenplay: Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox
Producers: Todd Garner, Gina Matthews

Isnt It Romantic

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The practice of supplanting romantic comedy clichés is by no means novel, the territory so ripe for ridicule that it even spawned entire movies devoted to meeting jabs.


But because of how easy it is to make fun of the genre, often this type of nerves can feel lazy, highlighting tropes that even a casual consumer would know very well, and given that it is still a mostly dying genre, also a little mean. In They Came Together of 2014, such observations worked better as independent parodies, but they felt tense when forced to stretch at a 90 minute run time.

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Crazy, stupid, love: the obsession that alters the mind takes over the comedies.

In 2019, the romantic comedy is in a somewhat better shape after last year’s Crazy Rich Asia became a global hit and Netflix designed a much-watched “Summer of Love” with a multi-movie campaign that provided evidence of an interest passionate in the genre.

even in the living room. It’s not a sure thing again, but its success on the small screen, with romcoms of yesteryear in a heavy transmission rotation, means that audiences are as versed as ever about the nuts and bolts that lead to that ending based on weddings with great amount of soundtracks.

The bet of Glossy Valentine is not It Romantic aims to do two things: to offer a rare and widely disseminated romantic comedy of a large studio, while listing and laughing at the familiar plot points of the genre.

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“I do not think there have been romantic comedies where there’s a big girl as a protagonist,” she says. “They are usually chosen as the cheeky friend or partner.”

Wilson and director Todd Strauss-Schulson watched and returned to see dozens of romantic comedies to prepare; The film includes winks to classics like Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally and Notting Hill.

“It’s a romantic comedy about falling in love with yourself,” says Strauss-Schulson. “And it’s a romantic comedy about romantic comedies and the romantic stories we tell ourselves.”